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Jonathan Marshall
CTO, Social Television

Jonathan is a leading technical strategist in the field of interactive TV with 18 years experience of both hardware and software innovation in the broadcast and entertainment industries.

Jonathan led the development of the BBC's first interactive services on DTT and Digital Satellite broadcasting, including the ground-breaking Wimbledon Interactive service and Digital Text. This work cemented his reputation as one of the key technical strategists in the interactive TV field. Jonathan went on to become BBC Interactive TV's technical liaison for all third party software providers, testing and appraising their products, giving him an unrivaled knowledge of the interactive TV tools market.

Jonathan started his career as a recording engineer for BBC Scotland, after which he worked in Paris for IRCAM, designing and implementing Digital Music Workstations. Back at the BBC, he worked on DAB and then Digital Television for the R&D department at Kingswood Warren. He has since worked all over the world with broadcasters and platform owners to both design and implement broadcast and IPTV playout systems.

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